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Muqeet DVM, MS

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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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I am a professional veterinarian (DVM, Mphill Animal Breeding, and Genetic) with multiple years of experience in pets and exotic animals. I am aiming to bring information about pets/animals globally.

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Drought Breeds of Cattle with pics

Drought Cattle breeds in Pakistan Draught Breeds of cattle For Source file click here For similar posts like this click here

Exotic Cattle Breeds with pics

Exotic Cattle Breeds Crossbred and Exotic Cattle breeds with pics

Cross bred and Exotic Cattle breeds with pics

Crossbred and Exotic Cattle breeds Click here Crossbred and Exotic Cattle breeds with pics

Animal Ethics and Animal Welfare Laws

Ethical Theory The ethical theory state clearly that what’s right or wrong depends on the place and time Different social contexts determine different moral guidelines. One society...

Mastitis in Dairy Animals

These are the basis of most treatment regimens. There are two options: intramuscular antibiotics, classical mastitis tubes, and systemic antibiotics given intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Intermittent antibiotics should be the first-line treatment for cows with mild, uncomplicated mastitis in the same quarter. When more than a quarter are affected, systemic antibiotics should be used when the toddler changes or the cow becomes ill. Aggregate therapy, along with both systemic and intramuscular antibiotics, may increase the rate of bacteriological treatment but should only be used based on your veterinarian's advice.



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