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Muqeet DVM, MS

Main interests:

Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

More About Nick

I am a professional veterinarian (DVM, Mphill Animal Breeding, and Genetic) with five years of experience. I am aiming to bring information about pets/animals globally.

Author Articles

Embryo Transfer in Animals (Cattle, Buff, Goat, Sheep, Horses etc)

Embryo Transfer It is also called ovum transfer. In 1890, the idea of embryo transfer was given the first time. Its frequent use started in...

Artificial Insemination and its Advantages and Success

  Artificial Insemination  Definition: “Collection of semen from male, processed, evaluated in the lab, and then transferred to female reproductive tract by artificial means for conception.” It...

Biotechnology and its Branches

  Biotechnology “It is the use of chemical, physical, and genetic engineering techniques and principles through the biological system to produce goods for human beings.” The target...

The Best High-Fiber Diet For Your Dog: A Good Digestion Source

The Best High-Fiber Diet For Your Dog: A Good Digestion  Fiber is crucial for healthy digestion, but its benefits far outweigh its benefits. High quality...

All you need to know about SAVANNAH MONITOR (The Beast PET Lizard)

The Savannah monitor is a local inhabitant of savannahs of southern and eastern Africa. In the wild, these savannah monitors are scavengers covering large distances as they search for small prey animal items. Mostly prey is a rodent.

Top 15 Dog Breeds You Must have (Friendly, Loyal & Beautiful Dog Breeds/Pets)

There are over 150 recognized dog breeds that come in all different sizes, colors, and personalities. Although it is not necessary to list the top ten breeds of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club, in 2020, the top ten most popular breeds in the United States were listed.

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