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6 Best dog toys made in USA

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Human friendly pets Dogs, Cats, Birds, Mouse and Fish

Human-friendly pets Dogs, Cats, Birds, Mouse, and Fish are very popular nowadays. Pets are a great companion for any family member, and they can...

Guidelines for Layer Cages

Birds are easy to maintain. No birds are underfoot. The eggs on the floor are eliminated. The eggs are clean. Culling is expedited. Broodiness is eliminated In most instances, less feed is needed to produce a dozen eggs. More pullets can be placed in the space provided on the floor of the house. Internal parasites are eliminated. Labor requirements are usually very low Improved egg/feed ratio Data recording is easy and accurate


Broiler Breeder Management Housing management Housing For proper housing management, all housing needs should be provided. Housing requirements are as follows Ventilation Air Fresh air, ventilation, and air quality are the most common challenges facing broiler farmers in both current and closed environments. The best return on investment is in a minimal ventilation system, which is responsible for both the oxygen demand of the modern broiler girl and the removal of excess moisture. An adequate supply of oxygen during early development will ensure healthy cardiovascular development, especially in winter conditions, preventing problems such as epilepsy.

Quail (Farming, Breeding, Management, Breeds and Growth)

Roman Era Ancient Era (1200 AD) In the 12th century, quails were also maintained in different countries of the world for meat and egg production First scientific quail breeding was started in Japan (1940-45) That is why Japan is known as the first country to maintained Quail During the Second World War variety of Quail disappeared After 1950 quail farming again initiated in the world

History of Poultry Industry

Here we tell you the history of the poultry industry starting from the old era to the modern date billion dollar broiler and layer...