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Biotechnology and its Branches

  Biotechnology “It is the use of chemical, physical, and genetic engineering techniques and principles through the biological system to produce goods for human beings.” The target...

The Best High-Fiber Diet For Your Dog: A Good Digestion Source

The Best High-Fiber Diet For Your Dog: A Good Digestion  Fiber is crucial for healthy digestion, but its benefits far outweigh its benefits. High quality...

Top 15 Dog Breeds You Must have (Friendly, Loyal & Beautiful Dog Breeds/Pets)

There are over 150 recognized dog breeds that come in all different sizes, colors, and personalities. Although it is not necessary to list the top ten breeds of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club, in 2020, the top ten most popular breeds in the United States were listed.

Cat Breeds (hairless, cute, common breeds) and Cat’s behavior.

Some cat breeds require less care, while others require frequent brushing. Breeds of cats are not different from different breeds of dogs, but there are still some different types of cats. Some breeds of cats are pets, and there are other breeds of cats that prefer to be self-sufficient and independent. Some breeds of cats are more at risk of spells of silence, but sometimes individual cats of more vocal breeds don't talk much.

How to protect your pet/dogs from mosquito this summer season

Summer brings lots of opportunities to have fun with your puppy, but it also brings mosquitoes. As the mosquito population grows and dogs begin to spend more time outdoors, mosquito bites are more likely to occur and can be fatal for health. If you live in a hot climate and a mosquito season that runs all year round, the risks can be even greater.

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