Online Pet/Animal Consultant

I am Dr. Muqeet Mushtaq (DVM)(MS Animal Breeding and Genetics). I am a professional licensed veterinarian (Pakistan, RVMP, 14000) and veterinary content writer and have been attached to this industry since 2014. I have been working as a pet doctor in a renowned pet clinic in Islamabad.

I can rule out/give consultations about the following (along with many more):

  • Birds/Pets/Animal Behavior
  • Fish/Aquarium
  • Pets/Animal Training, especially dog
  • Nutrition (Fed and Diet-related)
  • Pets Care/Management (Dogs, Cats, Fishes, Birds, Reptiles)
  • Healthcare Tips/ Advice
  • Surgical techniques/Methods
  • Pets/Animal Breed characterization
  • Animal and pets Diseases

Here are some of the website links I have worked/working on in terms of content writing or consultancy. (Owned) (Permanent Writer) (Permanent Writer/Consultant) Writer) (Permanent Writer/Consultant) (Permanent Writer)

I hope I will be the vet who can rule out all the issues for your pets.


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