Tips to Protect Your Dog in Winter

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In this article, we will discuss all about “Tips to Protect Your Dog in Winter”. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Tips to Protect Your Dog in Winter

These are some of the best tips to protect your dog in winter:

  • Adjust in house temperature (Moderate temperature is usually best)
  • Go outside when the sun shines
  • Limit outdoor time in winter when there is no sun
  • Provide warm and cozy bedding
  • Protect your dog from heaters
  • Moisturize your dog
  • Please keep your dog hydrated (Due to excessive heat from heaters, your dogs may get dehydrated. So give enough freshwater to them daily)
  • Groom your dog twice a week
  • No overfeeding

What to do inside the house with your dog during the cold winter months?

Chilly air and freezing temperatures in winter are harmful and life-threatening to dogs if they are not adequately cared for! It would help if you kept your canine companions at home as much as possible to avoid hypothermia and other medical conditions. So the question arises what to do with them inside the home? Because exercise is also necessary for their proper health and growth.

In the winter months, there are plenty of indoor activities for you and your dogs to enjoy, and you won’t even have to put on your shoes! These activities will help boost their growth and keep them fit by providing adequate exercise.

Here are some fun games and activities you can do with canines without going outside.

1.     Learn a new command/trick.

Winter is an excellent time for dogs to learn something new at home. Learning new things helps your dogs being motivated, and exercise can help eliminate extra energy. Even some basic tricks and training can strengthen your overall relationship with your dog.

These new tricks may include Sit, Stand, Down, or any other basic command/trick

2.     Play Mini-fetch

Before you play that into the house, there are several things to consider: How big is your canine friend? Do you have breakable objects around you? Is your floor is slippery or not? Etc

If your home has a nice, open space, consider making it a play area. Make sure your dog has enough traction and will not hit walls or your belongings while chasing or running. A room with a non-slippery carpet is preferred.

First, try to throw the ball slowly at a little distance to see how the dog moves when you try to play mini-fetch. This game is perfect for small dogs. Many dogs don’t like to spend time outside in the winter, but they want to run around and play inside the home. This is one of the best ways to provide playtime to the canines they need.

Check this one of the best frenzy fetch dog toy (best suitable for indoor playing in winter/summer)

3.     Hide and seek

There are many ways to play hide and seek with your beloved dog. Once your dog understands the rules, it can be a fun and challenging game. It will be gratifying and pleasing for your dog when you use treats or their favorite toy while playing.

Show your dog the reward/treat, then take it to another room and hide it. Once it’s hidden, let your dog go and find that. At the start, you put the treat in a prominent place until your dog gets used to it.
Hide and seek also provide better exercise for dogs and suitable for their mental health.

As an alternative, you can use this modern hide and seek dog puzzle to play with your dog in winter

Some other indoor activities/games include:

  • Follow the Leader
  • Indoor Parkour
  • Going up and down on stairs

That way, you’ll be able to exercise with your dog. If all else fails, classics like tug-of-war is the best option.

Be innovative and come up with some good ideas/games to share with your dog, depending upon your home. These indoor activities also strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Why it’s essential to keep up with dog exercise during the cold winter months?

The main thing is to keep your dog active during these cold months because they become lethargic, lazy, and overweight without exercise. So proper training and exercise can keep them fit and healthy.

As we discussed above, playing indoor games/activities can also provide them adequate exercise, which is enough for them.

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