Can chickens and ducks live together?

Can chickens and ducks live together?

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Can chickens and ducks live together?

Yes, chickens and ducks can live together. It’s a lot of fun to raise both species together, and you can keep them together without too many problems. It is feasible to raise hens and ducks together, but they must be aware that their needs vary. Yes, their diets are identical to some extent, but they are not the same due to various requirements.

The next important consideration is what steps should be taken while keeping hens and ducks together in order to maintain both species happy and healthy.

Here are some fundamental guidelines to follow in order to keep them together:


The most difficult aspect of having ducks and hens together is deciding what to do with the water.

What is the best way to offer water?

Chickens drink water by dipping their beaks, whereas ducks drink water by dipping their entire head; therefore, they require deep water. Ducks dip their entire head in the water to keep their nostrils fresh and their eyes clean. For digestion, ducks mix their food with water. Chickens need water just to drink, and they can drink water from droppers and water fonts.

So, if you have a little flock, you can create a small pool in your yard or keep a huge tub in your house to solve these challenges. Ducks, of course, enjoy splashing and swimming. The majority of their time is spent in the water. Ducks will be pleased and love the company if you make a little pool for them to splash in.

Chickens are not to be feared. Chickens do not get into the water; if they do, they can float, so there is no need to be worried about drowning.


Feeding is easier to handle than water. Ducks and chickens are satisfied and can eat the same quality layer’s feed. Insects, worms, and snails are favorites of both ducks and chickens. Ducks require a lot of niacin to strengthen their bones and joints, so you must concentrate and meet the niacin demand.

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Ducks and hens can live in separate or combined housing systems. Ducks are interested in nesting on the ground at night, and chickens need a place to perch off the ground. So, if you’re planning a coop, make sure you have both of these services. Ducks and hens require predator protection. The housing system must be safe and secure against any dangers.



When ducks and chickens are raised together from a young age, they appreciate each other’s company. Chickens want to be around other chickens, and ducks like to be with ducks, but if you give all of the above, they will not only live together but also enjoy each other’s company, and you will have a good time.

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