Best Tips For Selecting Dog Foods

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Dog Food Secrets/Best Tips For Selecting Dog Foods

Many world-famous Veterinarians and dog care experts agree, “Any dog that eats commercially prepared food has very high risk of dying prematurely, and by the time symptoms are noticeable, it’s often too late to prevent an agonizing death except by lethal injection.” If you don’t change the commercially prepared dog food, you may painfully lose your dog and too early.

You are about to find out the terrifying truth about commercial dog food that links to the deaths of thousands of your family dogs annually due to their lethal secret ingredients.

Through our dog food secrets, you increase your dog’s lifespan by 134% and save up to 8000 USD in the whole life of your dog. It’s not a scare tactic, but you ever know about a dog died of cancer or any other disease? That’s normal but natural. So, scientists have proved that with reference to “theories of aging,” that your dog has a life span of almost 25-27 years!

But you know the actual age now it’s from 8 to 10 years only. Why? Because dog owners are poised them with commercial food available in the market. These companies fed you lies daily and cause of death of many speechless souls. You can’t share your dog’s pain if you lose your dog to that or lose your dog too early unless you experience the same, so we are sharing these food secrets now. Some big brands are known to be well known, but that does not mean they are healthy. Ann N Marti says, “Most pet foods are garbage.”

Problems with commercially prepared food:

  • Fact: long term commercial food will become biochemical cripples with no resistance to disease.
  • Commercial food lack almost 30 nutrients.
  • They add preservatives to enhance shelf life, which destroys the essential nutrients, e.g., ethoxyquin
  • They only consider their profits.
  • Commercial food contains six chemicals which are banned in humans because they cause a different type of cancer, congenital disabilities, allergies, immune system failure, behavior problems, and aggressiveness, etc
  • Most of the products are processed, and most ingredients are added after rendering. They lose most of the nutritional value, so for them, labeling a preservative-free diet is not an option there.

Now you know the facts; you also held responsible for your pet’s health if you don’t take action.

Here are the 3 Dog Food Secrets:
Step 1: Stop using commercial food as the primary source of food
Step 2: Learn how to read commercial food labels in an emergency or crucial time
Step 3: get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start making homemade dog feed.

These recipes are straightforward to make, easy to cook in bulk quantity and store for a long time in your home refrigerator.
But be sure to be specific in dog requirements as they are sensitive like humans.

Here’s are additional tips:

  • All main meal dishes must contain flour, sugar, salt, butter, and cream free.
  • Different feeding recommendations for a toy, small, medium, large, or extra-large breeds
  • Calorie count of every recipe.
  • Sodium count of every recipe.

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