Best Hamster Cage Setup

Best Hamster Cage Setup

When it comes to the health and happiness of our cute hamster pets, where they live is the most important thing. Creating the best hamster cage setup isn’t just about providing shelter; it’s about curating an engaging and enriching space where these small creatures can live. Let’s learn how to make a hamster’s home fit their needs and wants.

What to Look for in a Hamster Cage?

When setting up a hamster’s home, there are several things to consider to ensure they are comfortable and happy.


It is very important to choose the right size cage. Choose a box with enough room for your hamster to explore, exercise, and act like a hamster. Remember that they’ll be happy if they have more space.

Wire Spacing

Wire spacing is very important if you don’t want your pet friend to be able to squeeze through and have a great time in your living room. Choose cages that have suitable wire spacing to prevent any attempts at escape while also providing sufficient ventilation to the interior of the enclosure.


Hamsters love to dig and burrow, so giving them a lot of safe and comfy shelter is important. Choose soft, non-toxic furniture for your hamster, making it a nice place to sleep and play.


Focus on bars made of safe, long-lasting materials. Don’t get a cage for your hamster that has sharp edges or harmful parts that could hurt it.

Wheel & Exercise Galore

Hamsters are known for having a lot of energy and running around all the time. Include a wheel that is the right size for your hamster’s breed. This will give them a way to burn off some energy and do some natural exercise.

Food, Water, and Playtime Essentials

A well-designed hamster box has places for food and water that are easy for your tiny friend to get to. Don’t forget to bring a range of toys that encourage discovery, play, and mental stimulation.

Best Hamster Cage Setup to Buy

1.      Savic Hamster Heaven Metro

This hamster hideout has tunnels, an exercise wheel, two houses, a litter box, a water bottle, two food bowls, and more. This cage has a lot of space for playing, and if you want to move it to another room in your house, the two handles on each side make it easy to do so.

2.      Kaytee CritterTrail Off to School

This hamster box for traveling that looks like a school bus is pretty cute. Even though it wasn’t made to be a hamster’s fixed home, it works great as a way to move them quickly when traveling or as a place to put them while you clean their cage. It has a food dish on the dashboard and a water bottle on the roof, and it can be linked to any other CritterTrail hamster product.

3.      Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage

This wire cage is full of holes your hamster will love running through. This hamster cage is easy to clean and feed because it has top and front doors. It also has all the play holes a hamster could want.

4.      MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation

This cage has more than 800 square inches of space for your pet. It also comes with a movable shelf, ramp, and a cover for the ramp to keep your hamster’s toes safe. The cage is easy to clean because it has a leak-proof pan and full-width double doors. There is also a built-in lower shelf where you can store food and other supplies.

5.      Niteangel Hamster Cage

This hamster cage has enough room, and even though it’s made of plastic (PVC board) on the sides, the top cover lets in a lot of air. Many of the brand’s extras, like a water bottle, sand bath box, suspension bridge, and super-quiet hamster wheel, can be used to make a fun and interesting home for your hamster.

6.      Ware Chew Proof 3 Level

The Ware Chew Proof 3 Level is made entirely of metal, and the cage is set into a two-inch-deep metal tray. The metal drop is easy to put on and take off, which makes it easy to clean. With a half-inch space between the wires from top to bottom, this cage should be able to hold even the smartest hamster.

7.      Palm Springs Hamster Cage

If your hamster would like a simple and stylish cage, this guide by The Sorry Girls shows how to make one out of an old tank. It has a wheel, an elevated house, succulent plants, and a super-cute swing.

Tips for Decorating Your Hamster’s Cage

  • For your hamster to be happy and healthy, you need to be creative and pay attention to the little things.
  • Include small houses or hiding places where your hamster can go to feel safe. This is like what they would do in the wild to find protection.
  • Tubes and openings make the cage more interesting and encourage the animal to look around and explore. Seeing your hamster move along these tiny paths is fun in and of itself.
  • Putting in plants that are safe for hamsters and look nice can make the cage feel more like a natural environment. Just make sure that the plants are safe for your pet.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these usual mistakes when setting up a hamster cage:

  • Small Spaces: A too-small cage can cause stress and health problems. Choose a box size that gives your pet enough room to move around and do things.
  • Unsafe Accessories: Be careful with steps and platforms that come with your cage. Make sure they are connected well and won’t cause any problems.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Hamster’s Cage?

It is important for your hamster’s health and well-being that you keep their home clean.

  • Set up a regular cleaning schedule to get rid of dirty clothing and old food. A happy home is one that is clean.
  • Clean the cage thoroughly once in a while. To keep things as clean as possible, take everything out of the cage, clean it, refill the bedding, and wash the tools.


How Big Should a Hamster Cage Be?

The size of the box will depend on the type of hamster. Most of the time, a bigger cage is better, as long as it fits the size and exercise level of the hamster.

What Does a Hamster Need In Its Cage?

A hamster needs a safe place to hide, a wheel for exercise, places to get food and water, toys to keep its mind active, and safe covering to make a cozy nest.

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