How to speed up puppy potty training process?

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In this article, we discuss “How to speed up puppy potty training process?”. Continue reading to learn more about it.

To speed up the puppy training process, you must establish a routine

1.     Establish a specific routine:

  • Puppies, like babies, thrive when they are given a regular schedule. The routine teaches kids that certain times for eating, certain times for playing, and specific times for going about their business. Puppies can regulate their bladder for approximately one hour for every month of their age, on average. So if your cute puppy is two months old, he or she will be able to carry it for approximately two hours. If you allow them to go longer than this between potty stops, they will almost certainly have an accident.
  • Take your puppy outside frequently – at least once every two hours – and immediately after waking up and after eating or drinking to ensure that they are getting enough exercise.
  • Choose a bathroom located outside and ensure that your puppy (when on a leash) goes to that location regularly. Utilize a specific word or phrase while your puppy is eliminating itself so that you may utilize it to remind them what they need to do in the future. Only after they have gone potty should you take them for a long walk or some fun with you.
  • Every time your canine companion goes outside to relieve itself, give him a treat. Remember to reward them or give them sweets soon after completing their task, not after they have returned to the house. To educate your dog, you must first reward him for going outside. This step is critical since the only way to teach your dog what is expected of him is to reward him for going outside. Before rewarding them, check to see if they have completed the task. If you reward your puppy too quickly, they may become disinterested and fail to finish until they are back in the house.
  • Establish a habitual feeding routine for your pup. Regularly, what goes into a puppy also comes out of a puppy. In general, dogs need to be fed three or four times a day, depending on how old they are at the time. It is more likely that if you feed your puppy at the same time every day, they will eradicate at the same time every day as well, making housetraining easier for both of you and making it easier on your puppy.
  • Preparing your puppy’s water dish approximately two and a half hours before bedtime can help lessen the possibility that they will need to relieve themselves during the night. Generally speaking, most pups are able to sleep for roughly seven hours without waking up to go to the potty. Don’t make a big deal about your puppy waking you up in the middle of the night; otherwise, they will believe it is time to play and will not want to go back to sleep. Remove all distractions from your puppy’s environment, such as talking to or playing with them.

2.     Keep an eye on your puppy

  • Do not allow your puppy to have an opportunity to soil in the house; keep an eye on them at all times when they are in the place.
  • If you are not actively training or playing with your puppy, use a six-foot leash to keep him attached to you or a nearby piece of furniture. Keep an eye out for indicators that your puppy needs to be let out. Dogs will bark or scratch at the door, squat, be restless, sniff about or circle if they are experiencing some of the above indicators in their behavior. When you see these signs, grab the leash and immediately take them outside to their designated restroom location. If they are successful in eliminating, congratulate them and give them a treat.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when you’re out in the yard. While you are going through the potty training process, you should treat your yard like any other room in your house. Allowing your puppy some freedom in the home and yard should only be done once they have proven themselves to be reliable house trainers.

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