Top Tips to make your cat feel happy

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It’s a common misconception that going outside is necessary for kitty happiness. Playing with a cat daily and giving them engaging pet toys may quickly satisfy their stalking urge, keep them occupied, and provide them with the activity they require to remain healthy and happy. It also protects the local fauna!

Here are some options for making the great indoors a fun, feline-friendly environment that fulfills all of your cat’s needs.

1.    Begin when they’re little.

Indoor kittens are usually content to stay indoors and remain happy as they grow older. Start with the best cat food so that your cat enjoys and loves its meal.

2.    Take a walk

Consider purchasing a harness and training your cat to walk on a leash if you live in a quiet neighborhood where you won’t run into any loose dogs. Leash training usually takes some time and patience for both you and your cat, and it’s simplest while your cat is young. Some cats can even be harnessed and fastened to a stable item, so they may enjoy the outdoors while you garden nearby (but be sure never to leave your cat alone while they are tethered).

3.    Hang out

Install a padded perch near a sunny window indoors; cushioned perches are available at many pet supply stores, pet toys shops, and catalog vendors. Another option is a window enclosure that fits in the window frame (much like an air conditioner) and provides a haven for your cat. More prominent perches can be attached to the side of a house.


4.    Fun time

Every day, play with your cat. Various toys that allow your cat to stalk, chase, pounce, and kick should be tried. When your cat is sleepy,  put away the things that could harm her Leave “cat toys” like paper bags or cardboard boxes out when you can’t be around to monitor. Make careful to replace up the toys regularly so that they appear “fresh” and intriguing to your cat.


5.    Cat Tree House/Tower

You can either buy a ready-made cat tree or create your own. A cat tree can be small or large, extending from the floor to the ceiling. It offers excellent climbing opportunities and, in multi-cat families, utilizes vertical space to provide additional play and rest locations. If possible, place the cat tree near a window so your cat can observe the action outside.


6.    Clean litter box regularly

Because cats can be neat freaks, keep the litter box clean regularly or use our automatic litter clean box and eliminate all the worries.

7.    Happy cats = good fences.

Make sure your feline companion has access to a screened porch so she may safely enjoy the outdoors. Consider constructing or purchasing a “catio” or similar enclosure/outdoor swing for your cat to experience the outdoors without the dangers. Because an average fence may not keep other animals out of your yard, you should always be present when allowing your cat outside.

Ensure your yard is cat-proofed by checking for escape routes in your fence and keeping hazardous plants, garden chemicals, and other dangerous materials unavailable.

8.    Bring the outdoors in

Cat grass can be planted in indoor containers for your feline to nibble on.

9.    Chip in for safety

Consider having your cat microchipped for further protection, and make sure your contact information with the microchip registry is up to current. If you lose your cat, notify your local animal shelter as soon as possible. Workers at the shelter can provide you with advice on how to reuniting with your pet securely as quickly as possible.

10.  Cat-ID is a must

Even indoor cats should wear a protective collar and have their identification displayed. Your cat will be enticed by an open window (make sure your windows have safe screens) or a door on occasion. If strangers arrive to work on your house or if there is a fire or other calamity, your cat may feel terrified and venture outside. The collar and visible ID could aid in reuniting you with your pet.

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