Top 4 client complaints solved by telehealth

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These are the Top 4 client complaints solved by telehealth

  1. Not enough follow-up communication:

Some of the primary complaints include not enough follow up communication. It is because sometimes patients didn’t understand the instructions given by our telehealth consultants. Our telehealth staff provides you enough remedy for your solution, but they sometimes used some specific medical terminologies that patients lack to understand. And then they blame us. So we know the value and money of yours. Our priority is to satisfy our customers as much as possible, and we do that always. Still, for follow up, our telehealth members are always available. But it is quite a chance that you will face another expert in the follow-up, and he demands a history of your case again. Most patients didn’t tell the whole history also and blame the company. So the solution for that is to be humble and listen to all the instructions of your telehealth staff member carefully and provide the best history and results of your tests and reports for your better future.

Another reason is that approximately 95 percent of big employers plan to offer telemedicine services to their current employees, not for them, so they also didn’t provide patients’ best history in follow-up, leading to trouble. The solution for that is the same as above.

We always focus on follow-up communication as it’s our sacred duty to save lives.

  1. Wait time too long

The primary query of our telehealth customers is that why wait time is too long?. But First, we tell you that these complaints we face are less than 5 percent of our total complaints. And usually, these complaints are dependent upon the patient’s internet connection mostly. Because they have low-speed internet and mainly, video calling required a suitable internet source. So we suggest you have a reliable internet source. Another reason is that too many patients’ numbers lead to long-awaited time, as we have recently faced in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The solution is to patiently wait because your life is more important, and you will be observed better when check by the best telehealth professional. But our service ensures that we have enough best telehealth consultants for everyone’s safety and healthy life.

  1. Lack of evening/weekend hours

Recently we received a complaint about the lack of telehealth members in the evening and weekend hours. As you know, telehealth workers are also humans, not machines. Still, we solved this by advanced booking. You have to tell us about the time you are available, and our health consultant will be there for you. Secondly, we have recently increased our employees, so it’s not a big deal. Our telehealth consultant will always be there for you, even on weekends and in the evening.

  1. Lack of transparency about pricing

People usually complain about transparency in our pricing. When our telehealth adds up the cost of services and equipment to provide care, telemedicine expenses can be a significant concern to hospitals, physicians and medical practices. We try to reduce the costs by opting for a maximum number of bundled services or flat fee offers. Your expense is always our primary concern.

Telemedicine services also help patients cut down on their costs for ER visits and in-person visits, the prior potentially saving  30 percent on the value of ER staff.

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