Safe and bad Food items for Dogs

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While it is tempting to share your food with an angry family member, you should know that a lot of human food is toxic to dogs. You should avoid ordering food for your dog from the menu below. Dog food offering in coronavirus.

Baby Food for the dog – Many people try to give food to the bridges, especially when the baby is not feeling well. Eating leftovers is usually not bad. However, you should make sure that the baby you are feeding does not contain onion powder. Also, baby food does not include all the essential nutrients for a healthy dog.

Chewing gum for the dog – Most chewing gum contains a sugar called xylitol, which does not affect humans. However, it can cause an increase in insulin in dogs, which lowers the dog’s blood sugar to dangerous levels. If your dog eats too many gums, it can damage the liver, kidneys, or worse.

bad food items for dog
Bad food items for dogs

Candy for the dog – Many candies also contains xylitol, the same type of sugar chewing gum. So, keep sweets and chewing gum away from your dog and dog leaves.

Chocolate for the dog – Chocolate is considered toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which can be harmful to your dog. Chocolate can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and can damage your dog’s heart and nervous system.

Corn or Cabbage for the dog – Dogs can eat corn, but not cabbage. Most dogs cannot digest the bed easily, which can lead to intestinal obstruction, which is a very serious and potentially fatal medical condition if not treated immediately.

Macadamia nuts for the dog– Macadamia nuts are also known as Australian nuts, which can cause weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors, and hyperthermia in dogs.

Mushroom for the dog: Mushrooms are hard. While some types of mushrooms are fine, others can be toxic to dogs. Some types of mushrooms can cause serious stomach problems for dogs. As a careful dog owner, you should try to avoid giving your dog mushrooms.

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Safe/Bad food items for dog
Safe/Bad food items for dog VETTIPS.ORG

Tobacco for the dog- Never give your dog tobacco. Nicotine effects on dogs are far worse than on humans. Nicotine toxin level in dogs is 5 mg of nicotine per pound of body weight. In dogs, 10 mg / kg is potentially fatal.

Cooking Flour for the dog- Raw bread made with live yeast can be effective if eaten by dogs. When raw flour is swallowed, the warm, humid environment of the stomach provides an ideal environment for the yeast to multiply in the environment, resulting in a widespread of flour in the stomach. Abdominal enlargement can be severe enough to reduce blood flow to the abdominal wall, resulting in tissue death.

Rotten food for the dog Small foods contains mold and other bacteria that can seriously damage your dog’s health. Important entries are:

Cooked bones  – While raw bones are good for your dog’s teeth, cooked bones can be dangerous for your eyelids. Cooked bones are more prone to breakage, which means they are more likely to hit your dog and cause internal injuries.

Cat food for the dog- A little cat food eaten by your dog may not be a problem. However, if you feed your dog cat food regularly, it can cause some health problems. Cat food usually contains high levels of protein and fat, which are not healthy for dogs.

Fat Cutting for the dog- Cutting fat from meat can cause pancreatitis in cooked or raw dogs.

Liver for the dog- Sometimes, it may be okay to feed the liver, but don’t feed your dog too much liver. Excessive use of the liver can severely affect your dog’s muscles and bones.

Yeast for the dog- As mentioned earlier, too much yeast can break your dog’s stomach and intestines.

Dairy products – Some dogs will be fine with dairy products. However, dogs generally have relatively poor tolerance to lactose, which is present in milk. Milk leads to diarrhea and other digestive problems.

 Drinks Alcohol for the dog– You should not let your dog taste any kind of alcohol, let him use it in large quantities. The main ingredients in beer, alcohol, and other alcohols are toxic and dangerous to dogs. Alcohol can cause poor breathing, abnormal acidity, intoxication, incontinence, and even coma and dog death. Coffee – Too much coffee can be toxic to your dog. Common symptoms of overdose include vomiting, tremors, restlessness, and rapid heartbeat. In severe cases, seizures may appear. Dogs can be eliminated if large amounts of caffeine are used.

Safe/Bad food items for dog
Safe/Bad food items for dog

Milk for the dog- Many dogs, especially dogs, drink milk. Most dogs may not experience any problems with milk, but some dogs may be intolerant to the lactose found in milk. Dogs that are allergic to lactose may experience an upset stomach and other allergic reactions after drinking milk.

Citrus Oil Extract for the dog- Extracting oil from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and lemons can irritate your dog’s digestive system, especially if eaten in large quantities. Dogs may have diarrhea, vomiting, washing, and shivering.

Fruits and salads:

Apple Seeds for the dog- Apple seeds contain the amygdala, a form of cyanide. This can block the blood from carrying oxygen throughout the body. Keep your papal away from apple seeds.

Avocado fruit for the dog: its pit and the plant are poisonous to dogs. In addition to stomach upset, vomiting and pancreatitis, avocado can also damage the heart, lungs, and other tissues in dogs.

Grapes and raisins for the dog– Dogs usually develop an allergic reaction after eating and raising grapes. Dogs may experience kidney failure and fatigue, along with nausea.

Onions for the dog- Onions are dangerous for dogs. Try to avoid eating onions (raw or cooked) with your dog. If a dog eats a small number of onions every day for many days, it can cause anemia gradually over weeks to months.

Chives for the dog- Choices can cause hemolysis, anemia, or hemoglobinuria in your dog. Some of the symptoms of excessive chewing gum include weakness, lethargy, yellow mucous membranes, and colored (gray to brown) urine.

Peaches for the dog- Dogs can’t have any problems if they only eat peach meat. However, peach pits are toxic to dogs. They can make your dog experience complicated pupils, dizziness, and excessive kneeling. Berries – Stems, leaves and berry seeds are toxic to dogs. Dogs may experience red brick sticky membranes, torn pupils, difficulty breathing, painting, and trauma.

Tomato Leaves for the dog– The leaves of the tomato plant contain glycolcalcides alpha-tomatine and dehydrotomatin, which are toxic to dogs. Tomato leaves symptoms are drooling, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and changes in his behavior. There may be seizures or seizures if your child uses too much tomato leaves.

Fish for the dog: Generally, Raw fish/fish – Some amount of fish in your dog’s diet may not be a problem. However, if the fish is fed exclusively or in large quantities to your dog, it can lead to a deficiency of thiamine (a B vitamin), which can lead to starvation, seizures and, in severe cases, death.

fish for dog
Dog with Fish

Human Vitamins for the dog– Not all but some human vitamins can be toxic to pets, especially those that are soluble in fats such as vitamins A, D, and E. Also, iron tablets maybe lead to damage the internal lining of the digestive system and can be toxic to your dog’s liver and kidneys. Therefore, keep your vitamins away from your dog, especially pu dogs.

Human salty snacks for the dog: Some human snacks may contain ingredients such as onion and garlic powder, raisins, chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs. Try treating your dearest friend for breakfast and not just sharing it with you.

If your dog has an emergency after you eat and drink, please call your veterinarian immediately or contact us.

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