Ostrich Farming (production, diseases etc)

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Ostrich is a magnificent bird. Due to its large legs, it cant fly its scientific name is Struthio camelus. It is mostly present in a tropical environment. The optimal temperature for an ostrich is 53 C, which is very high. Here we discuss every flaw and minute details of it relating to its farming, ProductionProduction, and reproduction, growth, diseases, environment, etc

Ostrich (farming, production, diseases etc)
Ostrich (agriculture, Production, infections, etc.)

Ostrich is the Worlds largest bird.

  • Adult males 2.4 m tall and weigh over 100 kg
  • Female is slightly smaller than male
  • Flightless ( Great body & reduced wing size )

Ostrich (farming, production, diseases etc)
Ostrich (farming, ProductionProduction, diseases, etc.)

Ostrich Meat

Per 100 g of raw meat Ostrich Beef Chicken
Protein (g) 21.9 20 21.4
Fat (g) 1 15.6 2.6
Cholesterol (mg) 63 86 74
Energy (cal) 114 276 163
Calcium (mg) 5.2 9 13

Ostrich meatOstrich meat

Ostrich terminologies

  • Adult male –  Cock
  • Adult female –  Hen
  • Chick –  Juvenile

ostrich male and female
Ostrich Male & Female


  • They were hunted for flesh & plumes.
  • Semi domesticated by early Egyptians, Greeks & Romans.
  • Specie name Struthio camelus.
  • Word Camelus indicate similarities with a camel (prominent eyes & eyelashes, large body size & high tolerance to desert conditions).

Commercial Ostrich Farming Most Profitable Business Opportunity.

  • First commercial farm in South Africa in 1860
  • In 1913 ostrich no. raised to 1 million.
  • First & second world war diminished ostrich farming.
  • In 1986 South Africa exported 90,000 ostrich hides to the USA.
  • Due to increased demand for ostrich products, Europe & the USA started ostrich farming.

Characteristics & Behaviour

  • More adapted to desert conditions.
  • Wings act as insulators.
  • Urine contains uric acid in a mucous-like substance that helps to minimize water loss.
  • Complete diurnal ( Day time active ).
  • Juvenile is gregarious & adults are semi-gregarious.

ostrich chick/child juveline
Ostrich Juvenile.

Sexual Characteristics

  • Wild ostrich mature at 4-5 years of age.
  • Ostrich was domesticated 2-3 years of age.
  • Females mature slightly earlier than males.
  • Males have black & white plumage, while females have dull colors.
  • Sex identification by examining their sexual organs.
  • Full sex distinction at two years of age.

Ostrich Male in Excitement
Ostrich Male in Excitement

Ostrich Breeding

  • Seasonal breeders.
  • Breed in 6-8 months every year.
  • Males are polygamous.
  • Wild cock nest with one or two or more.
  • Domesticated ostrich kept in pairs & trios.
  • Hen lay eggs in clutches of 20-24 eggs.
  • Rest for 7-10 days.

Ostrich products

  1. Eggs
  2. Feathers
  3. Meat
  4. Hides

Ostrich bag/Products
Ostrich Bag/Products

Ostrich Shoes/Products
Ostrich Shoes/Products

Ostrich Shoes/Products

Ostrich Eggs

  • The giant egg in the world.
  • Length 17-19 cm
  • Width 14-15 cm
  • Weight 1900 g
  • Egg 1 % of hens body wt.

Ostrich Egg
Ostrich Egg

Ostrich Feathers

Used for:

  • Cleaning fine machinery.
  • Fashion industry.

Ostrich Meat

  • Red meat.
  • Similar in taste and texture to veal & beef.
  • High in protein & low in fat.

Ostrich Hide

  • They are considered the most luxurious leather.
  • Thick, durable & soft.
  • They are used for shoes, bags, purses & jackets.

Ostrich hide
Ostrich hide

Comparison with other livestock

  • Comparison of some parameters of ostrich & cattle.
Ostrich Cattle
Gestation/Incubation period (Days) 42 280
Offspring per year 40 1
The period from conception to slaughter (days) 407 645
Meat (Kg) 1800 250
Leather (m²) 50.4 2.7
Feathers (Kg) 36    ————


Ostrich the Future of World

  • Agriculture is the next Business.
  • Supporting policies
  • Alternative Livestock species
  • Ostrich can feed the world

Ostrich race
Ostrich race

Ostrich can feed the world

  • Best FCR
  • Healthy and organic meat
  • Rapid Multiplication
  • 40 chicks/hen/year
  • Highly Profitable Business
  • More profitable than cattle, goat, and poultry

Why Ostrich Farming in Hot climate regions?

  • Adaptability to Environment
  • Livestock
  • Meat as Prime Food Source
  • Low feed cost
  • Alfalfa available easily


  • Little or no handling
  • Feed to Weight Ratio
  • Product Variety
  • Leather Industry
  • High Profitability
  • Success in the entire world

Awareness Program should be conducted to enhance ostrich farming in India, Pakistan, etc. which include:

  • Exhibitions
  • Print and Electronic Media
  • Meetings and visits all over Pakistan
  • Seminars
  • Web
  • Talk shows

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