Is Pet hair harm the environment? What to do with pet hair?

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Pet parents usually ask one question, i.e., Is Pet hair harm the environment? What to do with pet hair? The answer to this question is. Yes, pet hair can harm the environment in many possible ways. You probably never thought about the effects of your animals on the environment. Unfortunately, experts have found that pets’ environmental impact (especially cats and dogs) can be enormous. One study found that 4% of all landfill waste in San Francisco consists of dog litter/faeces.

There are some other indirect ways by which our pets can harm the environment. Even pet hair can produce a tremendous negative impact on the environment. There are about 80-90 million dogs in the United States, so the problem will be exacerbated in the near future if they are not well controlled.

Keep your pet’s hair clean to protect the environment.

Cleaning your pet’s hair isn’t just necessary to keep your home healthy. It is also essential to protect the environment.

Pet hair is a common problem with those homes having pets. They can be found on your carpets, car seats, rugs, bathroom floors, kitchen floors and even on your clothes. Well, what else are you going to do besides cleaning them up?

Here are some simple suggestions/tips to help you clean your pet’s hair more efficiently. Continue reading t learn more!

1.     Vacuum in different directions while cleaning:

One directional vacuuming does not guarantee that you will get all the pet hair on your rugs or carpet. If you employ this point of view, you will miss a lot. When you are using the vacuum cleaner, go from top to bottom then from right to left. Explore all the house areas multiple times with the same technique, and you will get all the hair in a vacuum cleaner in no time.

2.     Use rubber broom for wooden floors and tiles:

As far as tile and wooden floors are concerned, a rubber broom is a handy tool that you can use to clean your pet’s hair. Ensure that you get as many corners as possible with your broom and collect all the hair in a pile. Sweep the hair in a dust pack and dispose of it. Easy!

3.     Use a humidifier:

This is great for pet parents during winter or for those who live in freezing weather. Using a good humidifier is a great way to get rid of pet hair. This prevents loose hair from sticking to surfaces, making it easier to vacuum or sweep.

4.     Use dryer sheets:

Dryer sheets will work wonders for you when you clean your pet’s hair. It’s an effective way to clean your pet’s hair, and it’s straightforward. All you need to do is to moisten the dryer sheets a bit, and you’ll start lifting your pet’s hair the way a magnet picks up metal pins.

5.     Use duct tape or any tape:

Use any tape but prefer duct tape. It quickly removes pet hair from any surface. Tapes are useful. They can remove pet hair from places like your car seat, chairs, and even clothes.

6.     Use a damp sponge

This technique works great with upholstered furniture. Use a sponge to collect pet hair.


Pet parents must protect the environment by cleaning pets hair because pet hair is not good for the environment. If you are committed to making the atmosphere/environment eco-friendly, you should follow the tips mentioned above.

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