Camel Breeds (with Pics and details)

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Camels Breeds in world/Asia /  Name / Habitat Body Color Common Characteristics

camel breeds in world
camel breeds in world

Camel is a very beautiful and large creature in this world, especially the baby camel.  

Camel cigarettes are popular nowadays. They are called so due to their colors.

 Types of camels :

 Mostly there are two types of camel Bactrian known as double hump and dromedary known as single hump

We discuss the following aspects in every breed mention here:

  • camel information
  • camel species
  • camel food
  • camel predators
  • camel water
  • camel family
  • camel diet
  • camel types
  • camel size
  • where do camels live
  • camel facts
  • camel habitat  


king of desert


The desert area of ​​Chaghi district, extending to the region of northern Sindh, light to the dark canyon, and gray-colored camels can be used for plowing fields, growing long hairs in winter which Body cover, relatively short stature, wide chest, age The first growth spans about four years, laying interval is 719 days. Birth weight 48, lactation weight 98, adult weight 698 kg, LMY 1620, lactation length 587 days, hair production 2.5 kg


Sibi and Jacobabad phone baggage type breeds inside and between areas, which are also used for riding, compact body, short neck, they extend the thick hair coat in cold regions because they have stiff legs. Because of this, they work effectively in the mountainous areas, at the age of four and a half years, at intervals of 692 days. Birth weight 44, lactation weight 76, adult weight 662 kg, LMY 2018, lactation length 516 days, hair production 2.8 kg

riding camel... camel design


karhani camel

The small compact body in the areas adjacent to Kharan, Jhalawan, and Kala Halki border, the abundance of gray hair which is mixed with the white hair on the body, is just as famous for working in hilly and sandy areas as the animals. Riders perform well in the sandy regions of Kalat. Ist about four years old. Birth weight 42, lactation weight 71, adult weight 624 kg, LMY 1929, lactation length 522 days, hair production, is 2.2 kg


lassi camel

Lasbela and adjoining areas in Balochistan and Sindh Fawn with red color, dark red hair cover, part of shoulder and abdomen part, long face map, used for riding, and carrying luggage. Dual-purpose animal 3.7 years old. Since the hometown is Lasbela, the breed has been named Lucy. Birth weight 39, weaning weight 65, adult weight 550 kg, LMY 1305, lactation length 300 days, hair production 1.25 kg



Tensions in Makran, Kharan, Lasbela, parts of Jhalawan and Dadu and parts of Karachi The pressures found in the coastal areas of Karachi and Makran are light brown with deeper necks and edges: Yes, even incompetent colored animals found in coastal areas are relatively thin and small. Jubilee type (hill) with long hair and a relatively strong, strong neck. Makrani camels are a type of equipment, and if properly fed females are suitable milk-producing females, then the average breeding age is about four years. Birth weight 46, lactation weight 80, adult weight 677 kg, LMY 1929, lactation length 519 days, hair production 2.6 kg


Pishin sweet

In Pishin, Quetta, and adjoining areas, light brown to dark brown Pishin camels are a type of equipment and perform well in both heavy load, relatively stat short sculpture, very strong, mountainous, and sandy areas, cream-colored. Animals are considered inferior, up to about four years old. Birth weight 49, lactation weight 98, adult weight 702 kg, LMY 1720, lactation length 354 days, hair production, is 1.9 kg


 Makran Coastal Range, Pasni, Turbat, the area around Gwadar, extends to Panjgur and Khuzdar Dirty gray to light red type of goods, relatively slender body, short neck, the part of the channel whose head and The body gets a hump and is covered with its dense growth. Hair used to draw water from deep wells are in aged up to 3 years. Birth weight 49, weaning 118, adult weight 707 kg, LMY 1693, lactation length 467 days, hair production 3.0 kg


 Lakki Marwat, part of Waziristan Agency and DI. The Khan Karimi White Baggage Type, which is also used for drafting purposes, has long, well-built, strong, and massive legs that have a good ability to work. It is considered a cross-breed animal. Growth of more than three years at first age, intermittently 736 days. Birth weight 41, weaning weight 70, adult weight 589 kg, LMY 1310,


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