10 Things Lab owner would understand

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Lab is one of the best canine companions. Here we tell you about 10 Things Lab owners would understand to completely know their pets.

There are many reasons why Labrador retrievers (Labs) remain one of the most popular dog breeds in Canada, the United States, and beyond. Start with their amazingly friendly behavior and sloppy kisses, then move on to their mad fetching skills and intelligence, and then many more. However, cut it short, Labs deserve all the care and love.

Want to know more about labs? These are ten things the lab owner must know:

1. Labs are the cutest and amazing puppies

Look up “cute & amazing puppy,” and you’re almost surely going to see pictures of these rollicking, adorable bundles of fur. No one can resist that face. Chocolate labs, yellow labs, silver labs, black labs, etc. look great in any coat colors.

2. Don’t be upset when your Lab jumps with joy when you come through the door.

They only live for eleven to fifteen years. The bond between Lab and lab owner is what makes them happy and enjoyable. It’s hard on Lab when you go away.

3. Give Lab time to understand what you want from them.

The lab didn’t always get it right on the first try, but they try as hard as you can. So, give them ample time to learn any activity or game. The lab will never disappoint you.

4. You must mean it when you throw that stick/ball to fetch by Lab.

Because your Lab isn’t going to stop returning that stick or ball to you, again and again, so you must mean it. The Labrador retriever was initially bred for retrieving. They are also known as retriever gun dogs, due to this, they are destined to train and work tirelessly. Labs are best on finding and returning games.

5. Labs are best known as escape artists

There is only one hitch to being so smart. If you’ve got an energetic Lab on your hands, you might also have a runaway. Whether it’s your very own house or fenced in yard, Labs are experts at breaking free. You can keep a closer eye with a microchip or wearing a tag with your name and address on it. Continue reading 10 Things Lab owner would understand

6. Labs are friendly, outgoing, and have a kind nature.

It doesn’t matter your shape, age, or size. Labs are ready to give you love in every possible way. Puppies are primarily known for their sweet and loving personalities, which make Labrador retrievers, a popular breed among families.

7. Comfort them when they are scared.

You know a lot more about strange people, loud noises, and new places than a Lab do. You must protect them and provide them the comfort they seek. They always feel safer when they are with you because you are in their comfort zone.

8. Go outside with Labs.

The sounds, sights, and scents of nature are some of the greatest pleasures of Lab’s life. They don’t care if we go for a walk, play, or sit under a tree together with them. They want you to experience them.

9. The lab never forgets how you treat them.

Teach them that humans are made of love, not pain. And don’t ever let them forget it.

10. They’re the best package in term of brain and beauty

Don’t let those sweet eyes distract you from the facts; these dogs aren’t just a pretty; they’re also super intelligent. That kind of smart nature and ultimate focus has helped them as working dogs and will help them listen, even to your kid, when it’s time to stay or sit.

Tell us, How would you like our article 10 Things Lab owner would understand!

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